UNIPLAST IMPLEMENTED 13485:2016 Medical Devices

This International Standard defines requirements for a Quality Management System to be fulfilled by entities involved in design and development, production, installing and servicing of medical devices.


Project ACTIVE PACKAGING is starting for research and development

What we are trying to do is to mix plastic, which we already know to do, with zeolite which contains silver ions. Zeolite is going to release silver inside the packaging. Silver ions are very strong antimicrobial agents and at very small concentrations they will kill the most of pathogenic microorganisms. It is important to say that at this concentrations silver ions do not interfere contain of packaging.


Innovative projects

Start of the project with the subject of creating new biodegradable material that will be used for making containers used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industry.

New partners

Start of doing business with a partner from South Korea.

Corporate Management Seminar

Lecture on corporate management in family companies in Serbia.

Lecturers: The leader of the project Katarina Đulić (IFC), Vidosava Džajić (a vice president of Chamber of Commerce of Serbia), and Irena Milojević (an independent consultant of the commerce board of Chamber of Commerce of Serbia).

UNIPLAST - A centre for development and production

Uniplast d.o.o. Čačak, an innovative organization, is registered as a centre for development and production as of 9.9.2011. by the Decision of Ministry of Education, Science and Technical Development number 391-00-46/2011-14

The Republic of Serbia, National Agency for Regional Development

We received a non-refundable aid due to a support to small and medium fast growing companies - GAZELA.

Recertification of IMS

The second audit of IMS committee for external certification (SRPS ISO 9001/2008, SRPS ISO 14001/2005 I OHSAS 18001/2007).

A visit of Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and IFC World Bank Group

The purpose of the visit was evaluation of management in family companies.